Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No biggie, but

1. A cappella singers

2. People who have made acting like a pirate "ironic"

3. When my lover cries in a plastic bag, writes the cause of her sadness on the bag in permanent marker, and throws the bag at me with such force that it explodes on me; and I'm forced to piece the bag back together to determine the source of her dissatisfaction

4. Racism

5. Garfield memorabilia


Blogger Five Things that Make Me Mad said...

Ok, I enjoyed this post of your bile, but I have a few questions:

2. What is this about acting like a pirate? Are they doing that again?

3. WTF??? In the words of that immortal 21st Century post-modern icon Grant Miller (http://theofficialsiteofgrantmiller.blogspot.com) - that is some FUCKED UP SHIT!

(Mr. Miller, if you're reading this you now owe me two ponies.)

7:17 AM  

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