1) Anyone who is using this Joe Stack crap to support either
right-wing batshittery or left-wing statements against the right is a
fucking moron. I'm a liberal and I think conservatives are nutbags.
At the same time, I think this is largely a case of a dude who had
legitimate complaints against the government (but who apparently
doesn't understand tax law) going completely batshit. Psychological
pressure can break a person. Is it just me, or is the average
emotional age of America approximately 2? I don't condone what the
dude did, but I feel some measure of sorrow for him, for the people he
killed, and for everyone else affected by this. Grow up, America.

2) I cannot stand people who can't make or appreciate a nuanced
fucking argument. Reality is NEVER black and white. Life is NOT
sorted into small categories. If you cannot make an argument that
considers context and realizes that answers to certain issues will
always be different depending on a situation, you do not deserve to be
taken seriously. This is not moral relativism. This is about
acknowledging the fact that life is complex and that certain actions
will do different things in different situations. If you do not
comprehend this, you are a retard. (And before you bash me for using
the 'r-word', I will add that I do not, in fact, have any respect for
anyone with a sub-100 IQ, whether it is their fault or not. The
reason for this should be obvious - they are fucking dumb.)

3) I despise anyone who takes the Israel-Palestine conflict seriously.
It's a fucking turf war complicated by religion and by nebulous
cultural claims, which are just as absurd as the shit between Greece
and Macedonia about who can call themselves Macedonians, which is
really fucking dumb. Share, assholes; you learned this shit in
perfectly happy to call Canadians Americans because they live on the
same fucking continent. Macedonians live in Macedonia. Call them
Macedonians. Let Palestinians have some land because they came from
there too. And fuck your stupid religious shit if you're religious,
it's all cultural faff anyway and you've never been able to produce
any actual evidence to support your bizarre claims about the universe.

4) I hate cultural and nationalistic shit, period. We're all the same
species. We all shit and eat and fuck. Sure, be nations, organize
into groups that have different ideas - it's a good thing, so people
can choose who they associate with. BUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE, DON'T USE

5) I hate business people. They do dumb and unethical shit just to
make more money. This has been borne out by all of history.