Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too lazy to come up with all 5 --- so we'll take 2 things!

1 – When you close the door to your office hoping to continue a project uninterrupted & people continue to knock & come in & bother you anyway

2 –When I am wearing a jacket or sweater inside & someone trying to be funny says “Are ya cold?”

F%*@#ing MORON, YES I’m F%*@#ing COLD! F%&#K


Ranting hatred

1. The Black And White Views on Religion and Science:
Its true that Religions are most of the time far out, and yes, its impossible to have a God of sorts create the world. So then why is it if you have a faith of any shape or form your retarded? People who believe that there is a sin for every little thing, yes thier the ones we should worry about. And lets not forget the converts! (Seriously, get a job, conversion is invasion!). But just because someone might believe in a god, doesn't necessarily mean they deny science. I goto a Catholic school (Yup, the C word!), and were still taught science and all the other things. And you dont have to be catholic to go there, nor do they convert you in the religion class (Although it is a cumpolsory subject, but if you dont want to learn that, why are you there?) Its like people's taste in music. You either like it or dont, its that simple.

2. Hypocrisy of Scene Kids (This is in general, if your a scene kid and your not like this please don't take offense)
Scene kids claim they are the nicest little clique out there...bullshit. To be one of these foul little monkeys you must be attractive and you must have friends who are also Scene kids. Why you would dwell on Myspace, facebook, etc Im not sure, but what kind of a life is that? Your so ashamed of that big poofy hair that you can't socialise without a screen? And why do you only listen to metal just because its cool? I myself don't like Metal and choose my own music. And also, why do you have an obsession of taking photos everywhere?! Get out of the way,I want to have a look at the horror book section! But no, I'll just let you all sit there in your nice little circle obscuring the path.

3. The "Heroes" to Foreign Children
Why is it when devastating occurences like Haiti and that, we suddenly get a rush of white people wanting to adopt those kids? Is it part of your charity? Are they a trophy? Do you even care that these kids parents might still be alive, missing a leg maybe and just hope thier kids made it out alive? And what if thier a Christian community trying to take these kids out of thier countries? Great, make all the other Christians look bad! Look, if you want to adopt them, fine but remember, thier not a pet thier a human bieng!

4. "You Should Be Killed"
Little fucking kids on youtube saying we should do the world a favour and commit suicide, were disgusting or that all by saying one little thing. For all they know, we could be a doctor that saves lives, a musician helping to raise money for cancer, or a mother of 3 children. And what of they? They probably don't have anything going for thier lives, but if they tell us to go kill ourselves, they musn't be doing much, do they? And why bother replying to them? They get locked in this mindset that "Oh you just got PWNED". Childish behaviour gets you nothing & nowhere.

5. Baby Names
Apple. It all started with Apple. Now we have parents naming thier kids some of the most ridiculous names. Some are even references to movies (kids have been called Luke and Anakin, trust me.) Are you kidding? Whats thier justification? "Oh, I just want to make sure s/he isn't grouped in with everyone else" If you want to do that, why not give them a name from 1890's or something? Oh no, you want to call them "BIFFle" or "Ducky". Baby names, man...>_>