Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some good hate right here

1. People that ask you a question just as you've taken a bite of something and then make some stupid pseudo-amusing remark like 'any day now, haw haw!' as you're struggling to finish chewing so you can respond. This is basic etiquette, you dickwads. Etiquette for dummies. You wait for someone to finish chewing for an answer; what the fuck else are they supposed to do?

2. North Americans that raise their voice at the end of every sentence so it sounds like a question and say things like 'oh my God, that's so funny' in a monotone voice and don't laugh, despite the fact that they've just claimed that something is 'so funny'.

3. Long hair when it's not attached to a human head. I hate finding my own hair on my stuff, let alone yours. Plus it's a thousand times worse when it's wet and dark.

4. Strong wind that blows straight through the fabric of your clothes, throws shit in your eyes, messes up your hair, sends papers flying and makes it difficult to walk. This is the kind of weather that just makes me want to smack someone.

5. Unreasonably expensive public transport. Eleven pounds for a 90-minute bus journey? Are you fucking kidding me? If I'm taking public transport I want to feel like I'm ACTIVELY being thrifty. I want that fare to feel like pocket change.

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