Friday, February 20, 2009

Even later hate

1) people who are obsessed with horses and talk about them all the livelong day/have posters of them on their bedroom walls/are convinced that by not owning a horse, their lives are unfulfilled

2)teachers who set ridiculous amounts of work, expect you to have done it to an amazing level and yet can never be bothered to mark it

3) people who are ignorant about what's going on around them. There is simply no excuse for that

4) pilots who dont know how to fly planes and scare the absolute crap out of me during take off/landing/the entire duration of the flight

5) stupidly expensive tights (pantyhose) that get ladders in them as soon as you put them on and you physically have to hold back the tears on the train because you can believe tights that cost you £8.99 have been ruined before you even get to work

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Blogger Mnmom said...

Runs in pantyhose - one of the chief reasons I wear pants.

10:42 AM  

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