Friday, November 14, 2008

Spamodious hate

1. Mr Haji Bello from Ouagadougou Burkina Faso., who acknowledges that his message might "meet me in utmost surprise" but assures me it is simply his "urgent need for a foreign partner" that made him contact me for help with this transaction. All he wanted was my name, address, phone, fax and age - but when I sent him all this I asked if he didn't also need my bank account information so that he could transfer the $10.5 million dollars that he promised. He STILL hasn't gotten back to me - how rude!

2. Mrs. Dianne Thompson of the U.K. National Lottery. She told me that my email ID won me Lotto!! £891,000+ pounds sterling!! She told me to contact a Mr Phil Herald with all sorts of identifying information (next of kin, occupation, that sort of thing) but again, after sending all this NO WORD AT ALL. What a fucking tease.

3. Mr Phil Herald of U.K. National Lottery. See above. Have you ever heard of such rudeness?

4. Dr Anthony Chognot who emailed me that I won £1.350,000GBP. Why, just when I have had all this luck, are these people not emailing or calling me back to tell me when I'll get my money?

5. This person didn't even tell me their name, but sent me this disturbing email saying merely "we are required to open investigation!" I emailed him or her back asking which of my bank accounts was at issue here. Now I'm all nervous because I don't know which bank account might be shut down if they don't get back to me in time.

The nerve of these people!

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Blogger Mnmom said...

The unmitigated gall!!!!!

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