Friday, December 29, 2006


1. I am so stinking tired of the proliferation of
advertising. Watch a Pro Sporting event, like an NBA
game. There is so much crap telling me what I should
buy. Even at college levels, on the scoreboard, on the
railings and rafters. Even the name of the building is
called after something. They just renamed the Utah
Jazz's Delta center to “the Energy Solutions Arena”,
In case all the fans have nuclear waste they need to
get rid of.

2. In the same vein, I hate the logos on the TV
screen, because if a show I watch is on NBC or a
thousand other networks I need to know that the whole
time I am watching it. There was even a logo
advertising something illegible over the bottom half
of the score so I couldn't read the score. And worse
they now preview what is coming up in the middle of a
movie or TV show, and the characters are moving
around. SHIT!!! how distracting and annoying.

3. People who insist on making a left hand turn
through three lanes of backed up on coming traffic.
Just go down to the next light and come back up!!!!

4. When the price of something doesn’t include some
obvious things. “So you want your tires changed? Oh
well we have to add on disposal fees, balancing fees,
wrench rental fees, lunch for the guy who is changing
the tires and so on. A Tire that is advertised for
69.99 shouldn’t end up costing me 103.24 without

5. I just hate my cell phone bill. There are, again,
so many additional charges, multiple taxes and
surcharges. If my phone plan is 39.99 why do I end up
paying 56 bucks! How much is cell phone taxes

thanks for that rant, it does a body good.


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