Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Five Things I Hate has had a 2-year hiatus, but now we're back, stronger than ever - and this time we are going to stay!

Email five things you hate to and we will post them for all the world to see.

Think of Five Things I Hate as a way to release your anger into the ether, where it will dissipate and trickle down only onto the assholes who deserve it.

Or it will go away altogether, contributing to world peace. Yeah, that's it.

Ok, I'll get us started: Here are today's Five Things I Hate:

1. Getting a sore throat right before my marriage weekend

2. Text messages indicating a certain family member is starting to act up already

3. The fact that it's very difficult for my family to have any sort of event without someone causing drama

4. The fact that I couldn't even invite two of my own brothers to my wedding because they don't know how to behave in public

5. Gagging whenever I try to do a salt-water gargle.

Tell us five things YOU hate.

Your proprietor,
Coaster Punchman

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