Friday, October 31, 2008

Today is not opposite day

Today is not opposite day so I'm not posting a list a reader sent in of things she loves instead of hates.

1. Phone rings early this morning. Crawl out of bed and said hello,hello,hello?? Realized my sis-in-law had accidently called my number on the way to her work. I hear her flipping the radio stations, then all of a sudden "You stupid f**king idiot-- see if I don't sideswipe you if you try to do that sh*t again!" The radio flipping stops and she listens to a politcal campaign ad. (How unlike her!). Then, "This person is going too d*mn slow". I was laughing my *ss off-- what a way to wake up in the morning!!!

2. People who love each other getting married.

3. I like that my husband can live with my messy housekeeping.

4. I like Halloween parties and baby showers.

5. I love my family.

Happy Not Halloween.



Blogger Mnmom said...

Have to agree on all those wonderful points.

8:06 PM  

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