Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Class hatred

1. i hate when people show up to class 10 minutes before it ends, suffle all of their crap out of their bag and then start to eat a bag of doritos.

2. i hate when people make completely irrelevantant comments during the lecture. shut up if you dont know what your talking about. this includes the guy that sits in the front and has an opinion about everything.

3. i hate when people dont show up 2 weeks at a time and then ask me for all the notes they missed.

4. i hate the old lady in my class who thinks that because she's old, she's smarter then everyone else. she's not.

5. i hate the guy that sits behind me and pays more attention to what i'm doing on my computer then his own. yes, you. i can see you in reading my writing in the reflection. get back to work.

Ed note: Reason #2 is why I had to stop being an English major in college. If one more person gave their boring and totally irrelevant opinion on whatever we were reading, I was going to kill myself. So it was an easy choice.




Blogger Mnmom said...

I hated those folks too.

"Oh, Professor! I have a completely boring opinion that conflicts with everything you just said and no one alive wants to listen to it but I'm going to blather on and on about it anyway".

1:42 PM  

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