Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perthian hate

Today's rant comes all the way from Perth, Australia.

  1. When people with less ability, experience and intelligence than you succeed at a task you have not yet attempted because you've been too damn scared to try and now feel stupid because some moron has achieved success in that endeavour first.
  2. Idiots who lack the ability to understand that speaking at 100 decibels or more into their ridiculous mobile phones in a public place is not going to get their point across any better, it's simply going to piss off those unfortunate people around them who have to listen to their drivel - hey losers, we don't know you and we certainly don't care or need to know about your pathetic life.
  3. People that deem it unnecessary to demonstrate basic manners to their fellow human beings - newsflash to all you rude, insufferably inconsiderate and self-absorbed people: manners cost nothing and help us all get along much better, so do the world a favour and include simple words like 'thanks', 'please' and 'excuse me' in your obviously severely limited vocabulary, if that's not too much trouble.
  4. Having to repeat basic instructions / advice / comments more than once as it is extremely irritating to have to repeat something to a person clearly not possessed of either the cognitive capability or attention span to get it the first fucking time.
  5. This is the big one - people who cannot drive!!! I wish I had a dollar (or even 50 cents!) for each time I encountered either a scarily inept or dangerously oblivious driver on the road who either cut me off, randomly turned or changed lanes without signalling (just quietly, I'm not psychic and can't guess what you're going to do next - kindly help the rest of us out by using your fucking indicator) or decided it would be a fantastic idea to tailgate me in the hope that I'll break the speed limit to satisfy their urge to get to their destination half a minute faster. I would be one rich son of a gun if that were the case.

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