Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Movies We Hate

1) Ghost

2) Anything with Uma Thurman

3) Anything Star Trek

4) Video games made into movies

5) Comic books made into movies

Hatred 101 for small business owners

1) Not being eligible for a loan because I'm not a man

2) Family lenders that make you pay with your soul

3) Fake smiles

4) You need a license for everything

5) Customers who try to haggle

Hating in general

1) Our president

2) Hunters

3) Tail-gaters

4) Cheap people that have plenty of money

5) Pessimists

Public Nuisances

1. People who sniffle every five seconds on the train,
refuse an entire package of tissue when offered, then
continue sniffling.

2. Spitting on the sidewalk.

3. Dog owners who don't leash their dogs, then act
indignant when their dog jumps on you (or your child),
like it's your fault.

4. Used diapers left on the ground in parking lots (or
anywhere else.)

5. The Red Eye

Friday, April 28, 2006

I hizzate

5. Friends who use "advice" as a means to get on a soapbox and not to actually help you in any way.

4. People who accuse you of "stalking" when you call them twice in a week.

3. Actual stalkers who don't understand why you aren't picking up the phone.

2. People who say "conversate," "guestimate," "chillax," and those who applaud at the end of movies.

1. People who don't reply to e-mails. (How am I supposed to know that you received it?)

These things destroy my day

1. Broken alarm clocks

2. People who swear that Ebonics is a language and should be taught in class

3. Waking up, and having it be colder in your room than it actually is outside

4. Running late, and finding out the coffee is cold

5. People who put shoes on their pets... (really, is this necessary?)

global hatred

1. genocide

2. starvation

3. oppression

4. the under-funding of things vital to the common good, like education, health-care, social services and environmental health

5. governments that turn a blind eye to these things (and populaces who let them get away with it)

Things that End Up All Over Your F'ing House

1. Christmas tree needles

2. Unhousebroken dog poop (for God’s sake, can’t they just stand in one place and do it??!!)

3. The dog poop you accidentally stepped on outside before coming inside

4. Kids’ sippy cups … filled with milk (they never loses the water-filled ones, for some reason)

5. Easter grass

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Perhaps I Should Be a Hermit

1. Being forced to pick up the slack for incompetent people. Why am I punished for being good at my job?

2. People who play the one-up game. They always have to be busier, tireder, and more stressed than you are.

3. Groups of Trixies with identically highlighted hair.

4. People who talk on their cells on public transportation.

5. "Wet talkers"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


1. Raisins hidden in bread

2. Having to fart in a crowded elevator

3. Any driver who wears a jaunty little cap: guaranteed to go at least 10 mph under the speed limit

4. Sales calls (Do Not Call List, my butt)

5. Air guitarists

Whole Lotta Hatin' Goin' On

1. Anyone that uses the term "emo"

2. fake tans

3. organized religion

4. cell phone drivers

5. reality TV

Friday, April 21, 2006

F the Blogosphere

1. Indie-Rock Guys

2. Indie-Rock Girls

3. The first scuff on your white sneakers

4. Standardized Testing

5. The term "blogosphere"

I only get five?

5. Donald Trump's hair

4. The Carls Jr. commercial where the guy is dirty dancing with a cow

3. When my gum loses it's flavor

2. Hearing the word "levee" (since Katrina and all the flooding here in Northern California it just seems to be repeated over, and over, and over...)

1. The media frenzy that is "TomKat"

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Anally hate

1. Anal leakage ) o (

2. "Churchie" television shows, they are everywhere. If I wanted to learn about your god I would go to a church.

3. Juicy Fruit commercials, the Juicy Fruit guy is gay ... I GET IT!!! They need to lose the song.

4. Toshiba, the company has screwed me too many times on VERY expensive products and then gave me almost no customer support during my warranty period.

5. Bureaucrats, damn smug bastards!

This just in from New Zealand

1) People who think what they see on TV must be real

2) Bashers that think if they turn up on Tuesday instead of Sunday we won't realise what they want when they ask "Have you read God's word?"

3) Cows. Cows eat everything.

4) The "What time is it?" question, usually asked in view of a clock that you read to answer them.

5) Illegal (even if reasonable) invasions of other countries under the guise of bullshit reasoning when a simple & honest "We're in it deep if we don't get petrol soon" explanation would suffice.

I'm gonna puke

1. Sales people who call at all hours of the day

2. Sore muscles

3. Stupid soap operas

4. When I have to pee but I'm really comfortable and don't want to get up so I sit there until my bladder almost explodes

5. Global warming

I can't stand it

1. Corporate & bureaucratic red tape
2. Exercises in futility in any circumstance
3. Bill O'Reilly
4. Wars
5. DVD players

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The world would be better without these things

1.  SUVs and the people who drive them.
2. Children who behave poorly in public places.
3. The parents of the aforementioned children.
4. People with overdeveloped senses of entitlement.
5. Green peppers.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Retail is hell

1. Customer Service

2. People who can't look me in the eye

3. Customers who throw wads of money on the counterand expect ME to sort it out

4. Customers who won't bother to return a simple"Hello" or "How are you?"

5. Customers who say "I want" rather than "I'd like"

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jaw-clenching, tooth-shattering loathing

  1. People who don't bother to look in a dictionary before they correct your word usage
  2. Women in SUVs on cell phones
  3. Men at sporting events on cell phones
  4. Children plugged into portable DVD players at restaurants
  5. Parents who shout instructions to their kids during their kids' little league games


1. Colleagues who tell me how to do my job

2. Annoying customers

3. Slow computers

4. Offices that are too hot

5. Lack of decent coffee at work

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


1. People who don't know what the word "dogma" means
2. Assholes who won't let me cross the left lane to get into the carpool lane
3. The Yankees
4. After-market rims
5. Fake tits


  1. Milk that’s already gone bad when you buy it at the store
  2. Corporate speak
  3. People with no sense of humor
  4. People who know you but act like they don’t
  5. Stop lights that aren’t timed properly

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jaw-clenching irritants

1. Heavy-handed purveyors of atheist dogma

2. Slow drivers in the left lane

3. People who stand too close when they're talking to you

4. Chicago Cub fans

5. People who cannot or will not really listen.

I could go on for days

1. When people say "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less". Hello!

2. Incorrect use of apostrophes, especially "it's" instead of "its" for the possessive, followed closely by the use of apostrophes for everything plural. That drives me crazy!

3. Conservative Christians.

4. Shoveling snow in winter, yard work of any kind in summer.

5. PT Cruisers.

Things I hate with a passion that burns like one thousand suns

1. People who act like they know everything when they don’t. It’s OK to admit when you actually have no clue.

2. Inability to work together for the common good.

3. Injustice of all kinds. That might burn like a million suns. Not sure.

4. Extremism, no matter where it comes from. That “everything in moderation” idea is a pretty good one.

5. Bureaucratic BS. Just tell me the truth. I can handle it.


1. The Exclamation Mark!

2. When people mix up you're/your.

3. That there is no "degree" symbol on my keyboard.

4. The period.

5. My period.


1. People in organized groups who purport to speak for the group (even though they don't) and say stupid, thoughtless, clueless things that the other group members get blamed for and have to fix. Constantly.

2. People who complain about traffic who don't ride bikes, walk, or take transit. Ever.

3. Self-righteous, hypocritical Bush supporters

4. Thoughtless, clueless Bush supporters.

5. Getting caught up in hating the hate mongers and morons so much I become a hate monger and moron about it.

Monday, April 10, 2006


1. Work
2. Working out
3. Going to work
4. Staying at work
5. Work (did I mention that I hate working?)

Hate you, mean it

1. When your ice cream cone bottom breaks off

2. Arguing incessantly for no reason

3. US dependency on foreign oil

4. Bottled water

5. Jelly

Hate it hate it hate it

1. Karl Rove
2. Jerry Springer
3. Texas
4. Anything that tastes like a Snickers bar
5. Myself

I'm so mad I could spit tacks!

1. Racist assholes
2. Motherfuckin god people
3. Evil BushCo dickhead warmongers
4. Ignorant "pro-life" twats
5. Traffic

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm about to go over the edge


Saturday, April 08, 2006

And another thing...

1. The majority of women from a certain part of the globe
2. Dishonest people
3. Selfishly manipulative people (everyone manipulates as I see it, it's just that the really bad characteristic of manipulative people is when they are manipulative in a completely selfish way)
4. Grease-soaked food of any kind
5. Trashy people

Ooooh, I tell ya

1. Blogs from Singapore that have too many graphics and say little except "Praise the Lord!"
2. Slow Internet connections
3. People with sticks up their asses
4. Asses
5. Tears

God damn, I hate these things:

1. Religious fundamentalists hell-bent on converting my ass
2. Obstinate people who simply cannot grasp the principle of "all roads lead to Rome."
3. A bad injury (currently nursing a bad ankle.)
4. Religious lies of all sorts
5. Oppressive, right-wing governments.

Very annoying

1. Rude people
2. Bad table manners
3. Nail biters
4. Inconsiderate drivers
5. Paris Hiton

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I tell you, this really pisses me off

1. Andie McDowell
2. Biting my lip
3. Indigestion
4. Work
5. Mean religions

Saturday, April 01, 2006

First list

1. Littering
2. People who stand in the subway door
3. Dog turds on the sidewalk
4. George W. Bush
5. Phone bills